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Promoting peace, acceptance and basic rights for marginalized people!

KPTV FOX NEWS - Parents, LGBT community react after Trump administration lifts transgender bathroom guidance - February 22, 2017
"What kind of message does this send to our kids? As parents and administrators, and public officials, we are the people who need to send the message of love and acceptance for all kids, including transgender kids, including my transgender daughter," said Joy Stoelting, mother of a transgender third grade student.

KATU NEWS Coverage - February 22, 2017

I got an email from Basic Rights Oregon around 11:30am today, asking if I could come to their downtown office for 1:45pm press conference in response to today’s Trump Administration reversal of protective guidelines for transgender students. Was I scared as hell? Yes. Did I agree to do it? Of course!

At 12:30pm, I was on a phone interview with a reporter from The Oregonian. From that, I was on my way downtown for a pre-press conference interview with KATU News. Then the press conference began with reporters and camera crews from KATU, KGW, KOIN, FOX, and the Associated Press.

My stomach was full of jitters and every ounce of my body felt awkward and insecure, yet I pull it off fairly well considering I had absolutely no prep time, not to mention the fact that I’m emotionally a wreck from all the stress Trump has brought upon my shoulders. I’m scared and nervous and insecure, but I’m very proud of myself for stepping up to the plate.

The Changing Tides - February 8, 2017

Who am I kidding? My music days are behind me (at least until my kids are off to college) I have this aging website sitting here doing a whole lotta nothing. I've decided to repurpose it into something useful and meaningful. I'm not interested in promoting my music these days... there are far more pressing matters at hand. Over the next few weeks I'll be rehashing this site into my Mama Bear activism site. Today's political climate lit a fire under my chair and I'm hell bent on being part of the movement of positive change. Too much to type out in a little journal update. This is just a teaser for good things to come.
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