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"Buoyant folk-pop sound… Engaging. Uplifting." -The Oregonian

"She's f#$%-ing brilliant!" -Michael Gaiman, L.A. Mission Control


From China with Love - April 5, 2012

1JoyWall.jpg For those that care to see China through my eyes, here's my travel blog from my recent trip... 1JoyRedArmy.jpg

Gig CANCELLED (insert sad face here) - December 28, 2011

The 12/30 White Eagle gig is CANCELLED. I'm not one for deflecting blame, but I assure you I am not responsible for the cancellation of our gig. Far from it. I was SOOOOOO looking forward to this show. It was a scheduling error that the booker mistakenly overlooked, but as they say... shit happens. I'm beyond bummed, but I'm not going to spend the last few moments of 2011 moping about and feeling sorry for myself. My guitar and I had our quiet moment of mourning earlier today, but we've decided to buck up and move on. There will be more shows in 2012.

My apologies for any plans that we messed up for you and yours and especially for those of you who's plans to attend our show involved getting a babysitter. You are my heroes. I do not take your attendance for granted and I want you all to know that I appreciate your support of my music over the years.

Speaking of years... here's to the next one ahead of us! May it be a good one.


Tis' the Season - November 28, 2011

I've got the bug. I'm listening to Christmas music non-stop in my car, singing carols while washing dishes, decorating the house... Yep. I'm one of the THOSE people. I'm perfectly aware that my behavior is often viewed as annoyingly premature, but alas... I LOVE Christmastime. This is the time of year when people are a wee bit more patient and kind with their fellow humans - friends or strangers. The ratio of smiles and the exchange of pleasantries and eye contact with strangers goes up. It's a time when we spend more time with our friends and family. We get together to eat, drink and be merry. Add music into the mix, and I'm one happy camper. I look forward to raising a glass with you at the next show! Friday Dec. 30th at The White Eagle. Details on the calendar page.

Three cheers for the most wonderful time of the year!
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